RoboBend – World’s first standard bending robot

RoboBend sells as easy to install and to use standard robot solution for the sheet metal industries – providing strong business cases for its clients.

Automate and optimize your bending

RoboBend does take over the operations of your bending machines that would else have been manually. This makes you:

  • More efficient – Robobend is able to bend more pieces than the operator and you can therefore increase your bending capacity with a RoboBend
  • RoboBend replaces the manual operator – and removes the problem of finding more qualified machine operators
  • Able to bend – also when no technical expert is around – as it is easy to set up, program and prepare Robobend for bending
  • Able to bend at same high quality – every time – as our smart barrier (sensor system) detects that you place the metal piece to be bend fully correct
  • Able to switch between manual and automatic bending or even between several bending machines – as RoboBend is mobile and can work with all the different bending machines (universal interface between the robot and the bending machines)

RoboBend - because we in numbers can prove that it pays off - and then it provides a better work environment on the top by removing repeatable and hard work for the humans.

Contact us and let us prove it pays off for you as well:

  • CEO RoboBend ApS
  • Thomas Solupajev-Ronlev
  • +37068535145

The product

    RoboBend consist of:

  • The main unit including a well proven, fast and precise Fanuc Robot arm
  • The feeding unit, where Cassettes with the pieces are inserted easily – and can be stacked up ready for bending next to the robot
  • The Smart Barrier – that provides ability of keeping high tolerances – every time
  • RBMI – the universal interface between robot and the bending machine – universal and easy to plug into any bending machine and make the robot take the control over the machine
  • User interface – that helps the user easy to set up new bending orders, new items easily programmed up, existing items picked up from the information storage

For investors

RoboBend is the first standard bending robot in the world – and with app. 1.5 million bending machines placed around the world, the potential is enormous.

RoboBend therefore provides also a potential for any investor that is believing in:

  • Robotics for the industry – when it’s made easy for the companies to buy, install and use
  • Building products and not selling engineering hours providing tailor made solutions
  • Opportunities not only to sell robots – but also provide pay pr. use and leasing opportunities

The right investor would allow RoboBend to scale its business even faster – are you our new partner, then please contact:

  • CEO RoboBend ApS
  • Thomas Solupajev-Ronlev
  • +37068535145